2 Ways Drinking Establishments Play Vital Roles in Their Communities – Guest Blogger Henry

June 8, 2017

2017, General posting

There are so many reasons – beyond the simple fact that they give us a place to drink – why having lively, healthy pubs, bars, and breweries in your community is a huge plus. If your live in one of the nation’s beer-loving cities, you know that drinking establishments provide us with an outlet to socialize and organize, and that they give the local economy a boost. Here are some ways in which a drinking establishment’s role in their community is so vital.

They can make us healthier, happier, more social humans

One could argue that the prime benefit of a drinking establishment (apart from tasty beer) is its ability to provide a place of unhindered socialization. When we drink with other members of our community, we naturally become closer to them, experience more feelings of understanding and empathy, and feel like we are connected to a larger group.

Take this, from a study review from Oxford University:

“The study found that people who regularly visit a specific bar tend to feel more socially engaged and contented, and are more likely to trust other members of their community. On the other hand, the individuals without a local or favorite bar had significantly smaller social networks and felt less engaged with, and trusting of, their local communities.”

So, what’s the importance of having a solid, real-life social network (we’re not talking Facebook)?

Some studies have suggested that a lack of social connection can lead to an increased risk of death. Socialization can help to stave off mental issues like depression, and the simple act of talking to people on a regular basis helps our brains stay sharp and prevents the onset of cognitive decline as we age.

They serve as a community hub for artists and activists

If you think about a regular night at a bar or brewery, there’s probably a live band playing and maybe a food truck or two set up outside. Bars not only boost their local economies in relation to their own business but they also provide a spot for other local businesses, musicians, poets, and chefs to showcase their talents. This community role is absolutely vital.

Not only that, but bars have fast become the first stop for community organizers and activists, who prefer to meet and discuss their community betterment projects and fundraisers over a cold beer. Bars and breweries are wonderful locations to host fundraisers and other events designed to benefit local charities. One of the best ways that activists in cities fundraise actually begins and ends at bars – the famous charity pub crawl.

As a public space that serves its community by providing an outlet for everyone else in the community to perform, organize, and do good – you can’t really beat a bar.

Drinking establishments are so much more than simple watering holes and places to loudly sing bad karaoke. Bars and breweries are absolutely vital to their communities, as they provide people (and dogs) with priceless socialization experiences, as well as a place for artists, activists, and community organizers to gather and work to better the community.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

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