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101 In Wine Making & First Recipe

December 7, 2011


Oh how I love to make wine.  I find myself making wine when I get bored making beer.  If I end up getting in a stump on what recipe I should make next, usually I’ll turn my attention to making a batch of country wine. Making wine in general is pretty easy.  In a lot […]

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5 Brewing Personalities

December 6, 2011


We all brew beer but it’s done in different ways.   I hear a ton of different approaches.  Usually people will fall into one of the following personalities when brewing. My Garage Is A Tool Shop Brewer These homebrewers will make everything themselves.  Name a tool that you need, they have two of them.  Most […]

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3 Levels Of Clean

December 2, 2011


There is one phrase that is commonly said in homebrewing, “99% of brewing is cleaning, 1% is following directions.” So what is clean? Well there is really 3 levels of cleanliness in my opinion. Taking a quick look at what it takes to clean and sanitize to make sure that you beer turns out the […]

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Trends For Craft Beer

December 1, 2011



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1 Way To Lighten Your Beer In Color

December 1, 2011


There are a few tips and tricks make you tilt your head and say, “Ah yes, time to share this one and look really smart.”  Well this is one of those. Fairly frequently, I hear about extract brewers getting darker color beers then what was intended.  I still hold the notorious, “tang” flavor as a […]

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