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Canning Your Wort For Starters – Brilliant

February 22, 2013


It was just last week a customer came in and had this brilliant idea.  He told me he was going to start canning his wort for starters.  You may be  thinking, “Wow, great idea…” with plenty of sarcasm, but think about it for a second.  By canning your wort for starters, you just made a huge shortcut […]

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19 Steps For Yeast Starter

January 23, 2013


As of late I hear about yeast starters.  Seems as if everyone is doing one.  Truth be told, I do not make yeast starters.  I’ve done them so I can learn how to do them, but I just don’t make them for my beers.  Call it laziness, call it product of habit, but how I learned how […]

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How To Use A Blow Off Effectively

January 18, 2013


This post is actually going to be pretty short it deals with blow off hoses.  So here go with a quick overview on blow off hoses. What is a blow off hose? Normally this is used for carboys.  Essentially it is a hose that you put onto the air lock or to replace the air […]

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Bottle Bombs And What To Do

January 3, 2013


Sometimes when you homebrew you might find out that your bottles are over carbonated.  This can be troubling for those that are opening there bottles in front of friends and family only to get a beer exploding on them.  There are some ways to fix this though.  But before finding the solution you kinda have to […]

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10 Favorite Blog Post Of 2012

December 19, 2012


This year over at Jay’s Brewing blog we wrote quite a few different blog post.  Before the Mayan Calender comes to an end I want to put together the essential blog post for the year that I enjoyed writing and thought were pretty good.  So this is a reflection of 10 different blog post that I thought […]

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Moonshine Thursday

December 5, 2012


Every Thursday since the T.V show Moonshiners has come back on, I have received predictable questions either in person, over the phone, e-mail, or on the blog all containing to the subject of moonshine.  So much so that I have dubbed Thursday, Moonshine Thursday.  This post is really here so I can refer these questions to a set […]

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Under Carbonated Beer – Quick Fix

November 29, 2012


There is a ton of information out on the web about how to fix highly carbonated beer.  We’ll make sure to make post about that in the future, but there is far less information on the web about what to do if you beer in under carbonated. It’s a pretty demoralizing thing when you open […]

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Great IPA Recipe For Those That Don’t Like IPA’s

November 1, 2012


There are many reasons why you might want to try this recipe, if you are a hop head though, you might as well as go back to browsing other post on this blog because you’re not going to like this one.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh, I should say that this is child’s play for […]

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6 Friendly Suggestions To Make Your IPA Different

October 31, 2012


If you are like most homebrewers out there, most likely you have tried an IPA.  If you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years (I only kid).  The fact of the mater is, IPA’s are becoming and have been a big sensation in the craftbeer/homebrewing world for some time now. […]

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How To Use 6-Row Malt For All-Grain

October 30, 2012


One of the base malts that is rarely used is, 6-Row brewers malt.  A lot of people blow off 6-row as a base malt and it is often overlooked.  While I personally don’t use it very much, I do find myself at times looking at 6-row as the only possible solution for what I am […]

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