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Formulas You Need To Know For ABV

July 6, 2012


Sometimes when making a recipe it’s a lot easier to work backwards.   Maybe you’ll think to yourself, “I would really like to make a beer that is 9% ABV”.  Well to know how to answer this question you can use a formula to figure out how much DME or LME to use. To calculate ABV: […]

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What Are AAUs & How Do I Calculate Them?

June 21, 2012


Sometimes with beer recipes you’ll see next to the hops a number followed by AAU.  If you are new with the world of brewing it’s understandable that you might not have a clue what this means.  An example is below: 5 lbs Light DMe 6 AAUs Fuggle (60min) 10 AAUs Kent Goldings (15min) Safale 04 […]

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Hardness Of Water Map For USA

May 3, 2012


A few post ago we put up a post about how the hardness of water effects your brewing efforts.  Well I wanted to find a, “dummy” map to help you out what your water might be like if you live in the USA and you didn’t want to send your water out. I found this […]

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The Importance Of Water For Homebrew

April 26, 2012


The water that you use for your brew will make the world of difference.  Most homebrewers don’t give it too much thought, at least I didn’t.  It wasn’t until earlier this week that I was helping trouble shoot a beer and we realized that something was overlooked.  Actually the biggest ingredient was overlooked, water. So […]

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Free Brewing Calculator

April 11, 2012


So if you are looking for a free brewing calculator, this one is pretty sweet.  It seems like it doesn’t have any glitches and one that I would recommend.  Its from “Brewers Friend” Cheers!

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White Labs Yeast Ale Info

January 5, 2012


What is one of the most influential pieces of a recipe for beer?  If you’re thinking yeast you are correct.   Here is a quick reference for the white labs ale yeast and what they can bring to your beer. Now you know what the attenuation is as well as the flocculation.  This should make a bit more sense. […]

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Mastering SRM

December 9, 2011


SRM? It stands for Standard Research Method.  Now that we have that cleared up and that means nothing to most people, what is it? It’s a scale for color.   Europe has one that is called EBC but we’re not even getting into that.  It’s so rare to see recipes with an EBC but if […]

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The Ultimate Brewing Calender

November 26, 2011


Sorry it’s been a while since the last post.   We’ve been working on some  major projects that will be revealed early in 2012, they are time-consuming to say at the least.  Personally, I am very excited and can’t wait to show them but until then we’ll just leave it at that. I came across […]

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Lazy Chart For Converting – DME – LME -GRAIN

November 17, 2011


A lot of times, you need a reference chart in order to help convert from DME, LME, Grain and back.   This makes super fast work of converting LME and DME as well as grains.   Honestly this is one of the better cheat sheets that I’ve seen.  Really does make fast work when your in […]

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White Labs To Wyeast Chart

October 11, 2011


There’s a lot of recipes that you find on the internet or in books that either have white labs or wyeast yeast, but rarely does it have what the equivalent one is in the other brand.  At Jay’s Brewing we sell White Labs yeast.  I am partial to white labs because I’ve only had good experiences with […]

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