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Dry Ginger Wine Recipe

February 12, 2013


This wine is very much like ginger ale.  It is a white wine that has a bit of spice as well as some sweetness from the banana’s.  This type of of wine is really good for spring and summer.  One of those that I’m sure you will never forget. Ingredients 3 ounces of whole ginger […]

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Cranberry Wine

December 13, 2012

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While I don’t normally munch on cranberries, they do make a pretty good wine.  If you let it sit for a bit, the fermentation really does mellow out the flavors for it.  It turns into an amber/orange color.  In the past for this wine, I’ve made it and have turned it into a wine that […]

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Dry Apple Wine Recipe

November 8, 2012


It’s the season, for apple wine.  This is a pretty dry recipe, it ages pretty well.  This is one of those recipes much like the pumpkin wine recipe, where if you think you’re going to want to make it in the future, you really have to take advantage of when the ingredients are available.  Now is […]

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Pumpkin Wine Recipe – 1 Gallon Yield

October 11, 2012


Looking for a wine that is good in the fall?  Maybe seeing pumpkin beer has got you bummed out if your a wine maker.  Well this is the recipe that you want to do if you want to make a pumpkin wine.  With this wine you can either produce a super dry wine which will […]

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Skeeter Pee, Have You Heard About It?

October 9, 2012


Every so often I would get customers coming into Jay’s Brewing talking about this drink called, “Skeeter Pee”.  Well I never knew what it was.  Finally last week a customer told me about it once again and I started asking questions.  I’ve never made it but it’s something that I want to make for sure. […]

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Mixed Berry Melomel Recipe

September 25, 2012


This mead is a purple mead, and is full-bodied on the tongue.  After every sip you can taste something different.  This mead is one that I always lean on just about every year I make a batch. 5 gallon Batch Mixed Berry Mead 12 lbs Clover Honey 3 gallons Water 2 tsp yeast energize 2 […]

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Strawberry & Kiwi Wine

September 4, 2012


This wine will be a bit lighter in color.  It’s as very tropical tasting wine.  In general it’s a bit dry and also carries a great flavor.   If you are looking at changing up your strawberry wine, this is the way to do it. Yield 1 Gallon 2 pounds kiwifruit, peeled and chopped 2 […]

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Grape Melomel

August 28, 2012


This is one of those wines that is just amazing.  Very wimple to make, taste delicious, you really can’t ask for more.  Grape melomel was pretty popular back in the times of ancient Egypt.  If you make it and take off the grape skins then it will be light purple, if you leave them on […]

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Apricot Wine

August 14, 2012


Apricot wine is one of those wines that is really good for certain seasons, I enjoy it in the summer.  This wine has a yellow/orange color to it.  Apricot wine has tart flavor to it in my opinion but is pretty good as a spritzer. Yield 1 Gallon Ingredients 3 lbs Fresh Apricots 1.5 lbs […]

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Kiwi Melomel Recipe – Might As Well Do Something Strange

August 7, 2012


This is one of those recipes you must do just so you can say you did it.  I’ve personally done this recipe before and the only reason I did it was to see the reaction of my friends.  It did turn out pretty well though.  So give a go for this kiwi melomel. 3 lbs […]

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