Skeeter Pee, Have You Heard About It?

Every so often I would get customers coming into Jay’s Brewing talking about this drink called, “Skeeter Pee”.  Well I never knew what it was.  Finally last week a customer told me about it once again and I started asking questions.  I’ve never made it but it’s something that I want to make for sure.  So first off this is the recipe:

For a 5 gallon batch

3 bottles of 32 oz 100% lemon juice (e.g ReaLemon in the green plastic bottles or equivalent)

7 lbs sugar (or 16 cups) to ferment

3/4 tsp tannin

6 tsp. yeast nutrient (3 now, 3 later)

2 tsp. yeast energizer (1 now, 1 later)

Approx, 4 1/2 gallons water

Yeast Slurry

Potassium metabisulfite (Kmeta)

Potassium sorbate (sorbate)


2 1/3 lbs sugar (or 6 cups) to sweeten finished Skeeter Pee. Use more or less for your tastes.

The whole recipe can be found here, and honestly, I would check out their website to answer any more questions because I haven’t made it yet.  Essentially it is lemon wine that kinda taste like mikes hard lemonade with a twist.  It will pick up flavors from the yeast cake that you pour on so, I would think that using a white wine yeast cake would be the best option.  But not having made it yet, I have very little input.

The guy has a website dedicated to this recipe that he made up.  Honestly after reading up on this website I kinda felt out of the loop a little bit, like where have I been, living under a rock?!  But the website does have FAQ, some photos of it being made, even how to serve it!  To say at the least, I was spending some time on his page looking around and learning.

All I know is this, it’s cheap (less than a dollar a bottle to make) it’s high in ABV (10%ish) and it’s relatively easy (sounds like it’s hard to screw up being very forgiving).  So if anyone has made it let me know about your success stories and any pointers.  It does sound good, and one that I plan on making very soon.


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6 Comments on “Skeeter Pee, Have You Heard About It?”

  1. gscottsingleton Says:

    I make this at least two or three times a year — it’s great stuff for the heat of the summer. Drink it cold or put ice in it. If you hit 10% it’s something that can sneak up on you real easy-like.


  2. Lon Says:

    Where’ve ya been, Jay; under a rock? Just kidding. I’m glad some of your customers turned you on to this summer favorite and the Skeeter Pee website. Join the movement and make some this Winter/Spring so that it’s ready for the dog days of summer. Cheers.


    • Jay's Brewing Blog Says:

      Hahaha. Yea that’s what I’m planning on doing. Make a few batches probably sample a few but really have it stocked up for the spring and summer. If I start working on it now, then who knows, I might have a good supply!



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