Mixed Berry Melomel Recipe

This mead is a purple mead, and is full-bodied on the tongue.  After every sip you can taste something different.  This mead is one that I always lean on just about every year I make a batch.

5 gallon Batch

Mixed Berry Mead

12 lbs Clover Honey

3 gallons Water

2 tsp yeast energize

2 tsp yeast nutrient

3 lbs strawberries

3.5 lbs black berries

1.5 lbs raspberries

2.5 lbs sweet cherries

Lalvin RC212

Ferment the base (or must) for 2-4 weeks until it slows down.  Then add the fruit.  let it ferment for a few more weeks.  Rack it if you would like, then bottle it.  If you want to have it flat, add Pot. Metasulphite to it (1/2 tsp per gallon).

It’s a really easy mead, one that I make just about every year and one that I think that you might enjoy if you are new to mead or an avid mead maker.

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