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Grape Melomel

August 28, 2012


This is one of those wines that is just amazing.  Very wimple to make, taste delicious, you really can’t ask for more.  Grape melomel was pretty popular back in the times of ancient Egypt.  If you make it and take off the grape skins then it will be light purple, if you leave them on […]

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U.S Drought – Higher Price For Grains – Beer Price Will Go Up

August 22, 2012


A pretty short post and also an opinion, but it’s relevant to the hobby.  As you may well know, the midwest is getting hit pretty hard by the drought that is going.   Here is a link to get a visual check it out: As you can tell, it’s pretty bad.  So I’m mentioning this […]

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Easy Way To Build Immersion Chiller

August 21, 2012


When it comes to hardware, I generally try to save money where I can.  Wort chillers are pretty easy to make, and if you have the time, I would give it a go for building your own.  That’s why I wanted to put up instructions on how to make a wort chiller!  Using a wort […]

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New Video – Russian Imperial

August 17, 2012


The guys from Proper Hops came by shop and did a Russian Imperial.  Super nice guys and truly was a treat for me to work hang out with them. Part 2 Related Post Russian Imperial Stout Explosion Russian Imperial Stout Video 3

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Apricot Wine

August 14, 2012


Apricot wine is one of those wines that is really good for certain seasons, I enjoy it in the summer.  This wine has a yellow/orange color to it.  Apricot wine has tart flavor to it in my opinion but is pretty good as a spritzer. Yield 1 Gallon Ingredients 3 lbs Fresh Apricots 1.5 lbs […]

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Football Season – Brown Ale

August 9, 2012

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When football season comes out I go all out for brewing.  But since there are so many people that drink my beer when it comes to it, I like to go simple.  My crazy beers have a special place in my heart and I will always hold them close, but I don’t think my friends […]

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21 Ways To Keep Passion In The Hobby Of Homebrewing

August 8, 2012


Homebrewing is an amazing hobby,  but just like most things in life, people end up getting into something that they really enjoy and the joy can diminish over time.  With homebrewing I’ve found it happens kinda like  writers block but, “brewing block”.  It happens to the best of us in the hobby and you go […]

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Kiwi Melomel Recipe – Might As Well Do Something Strange

August 7, 2012


This is one of those recipes you must do just so you can say you did it.  I’ve personally done this recipe before and the only reason I did it was to see the reaction of my friends.  It did turn out pretty well though.  So give a go for this kiwi melomel. 3 lbs […]

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A Must Make Scottish Beer

August 1, 2012


My mindset has changed and now, it is time to start thinking about good early fall beers.  I mean we’re in August already!  This beer should be perfect for those nice cooler days to come. This recipe is a recipe that I always seem to make once this time of year comes around.  It’s just […]

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