New Website For Jay’s Brewing

If you’ve gone to our website  you might have noticed that it has changed a bit.  We are no longer doing online orders and will just be doing sales with our physical shop that is located in Manassas.  I want to personally thank all those that ordered from our website and we appreciated all the business that you gave to us.  The website doesn’t have too much on it right now and it’s a work in progress for building up content on it but it will start getting tightened up this month.


One of our plans is that we will have a downloadable catalog for it with all of the items that we carry in our store.  This will get updated when ever prices change some new items come it.  Beyond that you can contact us by e-mail or by phone if you have any questions on what we carry.



2 Comments on “New Website For Jay’s Brewing”

  1. mattsbrewing Says:

    Well that sucks I was going to start buying from you guys thanks to your great blog I guess back to NB


    • Jay's Brewing Blog Says:

      Appreciate your compliment! We’ll continue with the blog trying to give some useful brewing tips and tricks of the trade let me know if you have any questions or anything!



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