Dry Apple Wine Recipe

November 8, 2012

General posting, Wine Recipes

It’s the season, for apple wine.  This is a pretty dry recipe, it ages pretty well.  This is one of those recipes much like the pumpkin wine recipe, where if you think you’re going to want to make it in the future, you really have to take advantage of when the ingredients are available.  Now is the time where this stuff if pretty available, so jump on it!

Apple Wine Recipe

Yield: 1 Gallon

5 pints apple juice (without preservatives)

1 teaspoon pectic enzyme

2.5 lbs sugar

1 tablespoon citric acid

1 package of EC-1118

1 teaspoon yeast nutrient

1.5 cups apple juice at room temp


  1. Pour 2.5 pints of apple juice into a 2 gallon plastic container
  2. Add pectic enzyme
  3. Add sugar and citric acid
  4. Add water to make 1 gallon
  5. Add campden tablet to the must, if desired and let it stand for 24 hours
  6. Add 1 package of yeast
  7. Let fermentation occur for 48 hours
  8. Rack into secondary container
  9. Allow to ferment for 3-6 months
  10. When fermentation is complete, rack into bottles
  11. Let them sit for 6 months before you open your first bottle

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