Sweet Potato Beer

November 9, 2012

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In the fall people go crazy with the pumpkin beers.  If you came into the shop I was most likely suggesting to make a beer that’s a bit different, a squash beer.  I actually put up a post on this on how to do it as well.   There is another recipe that I’ve done a couple of times as well which has turned out pretty well.  It’s from the blog, “brew-dudes”, their blog is similar to ours at Jay’s Brewing – they really don’t give the same old tips that you find every where and give practical bits of advice.

So the recipe that is pretty cool that you should try out if you are bored or are out of ideas for recipes is, a sweet potato beer.   It’s pretty cool, it’s a great beer that will taste different then the ones that you try in the store for sure.  The specifications are below.

Batch size: 6.5gal
OG:1.048 (grain based, no assumptions made for sweet potatoes, but true OG should be a bit higher)
IBUs:  30
SRM: 13.3 (again, color may get more orange from potatoes) 

This recipe that they have done is really for all-grain, but if you were planning on making it with extract with specialty grains, this conversion chart is going to help you out.

Good Luck


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