Pumpkin Ale Recipe

Pumpkins are in season, it’s time to do a pumpkin ale.  All a pumpkin ale is, is a lighter beer that you will put pumpkin and spices in.  With that said, you don’t typically want to make a beer that will take away from the pumpkin.  We do have a pumpkin ale recipe that we posted up last year.  This recipe listed below can substitute the one from last year also.  In general this beer is a light amber beer with a little bit of orange color.  Its got a white head and a light aroma. The hop aroma is limited but if you could call it anything it would be, “earthy”.


10 oz 80L Crystal Malt

6 oz Munich Malt

5.75 lbs DME Extra Light

.75 oz Columbus hops (60min)

1 oz Styrian Goldings (15min)

1 oz Styrian Goldings (2min)

WLP 001 or Safale 05


  • Heat 2.5 gallons of water up to 150 degrees
  • Steep grains for 30 minutes
  • Take grains out and add DME
  • Bring to boil
  • In begining of boil add, columbus hops
  • Boil for 45 min add 1 oz of styrian goldings
  • Boil for 13 min
  • Add 1/2 oz Styrian Goldings
  • Boil for 2 min
  • End boil, cool down, pitch yeast

OG: 1.050

FG: 1.012

IBU: 28

SRM: 14

ABV: 4.8%


I think that less is more when it comes to adding the spices to the pumpkin ale.   If you buy a premade pumpkin ale recipe kit, you are the mercy of how the manufacturer put in the spices and in my humble opinion usually they over do it.  When making your own pumpkin ale recipe, if you are going to go big with something, go big with the actual pumpkin not with the spices.

The last thing is,  I heard this from a customer and thought it was a very clever idea.  When you go and buy your pumpkin, go and buy two of them.  Take the extra one,  and freeze it.  That way next year you can get your pumpkin ale recipe started early!



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