Mastering SRM

SRM? It stands for Standard Research Method.  Now that we have that cleared up and that means nothing to most people, what is it?

It’s a scale for color.   Europe has one that is called EBC but we’re not even getting into that.  It’s so rare to see recipes with an EBC but if you do the way you convert it is, multiply the EBC number by 0.375 and then add 0.46.

Back to the SRM.  If you are making a beer or see a recipe and the SRM is given, it’s to help you visualize the color.  If you don’t know what the SRM means to color below is the scale.

0 = Clear

1 – 2.5 = Light Straw

2.5 – 3.5 = Pale Straw

3.5 – 5.5 = Dark  Straw

5.5 – 10 = Light Amber

10 – 18 =  Pale Amber

18 -26 = Dark Amber or Copper

26 -40 = Very Dark AMber

40+ = Black

Hope this helps out a bit.


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