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Summer Wheat Beer – American Style

May 31, 2012


Some people really enjoy a chewy wheat.  Me personally I kinda like it on the other side.  When I make my wheat beers, I tend to make more that are on the American wheat side. So what is the difference between a German Wheat and an American Wheat?  The real big difference is that with […]

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Colonial Beer Recipes

May 30, 2012


One of the cool things about homebrewing is that you can really make what ever type of recipe that you would like.  Also the thing that I particularly enjoy is that every beer has a story behind it.  Most beers just weren’t created just because.  It was either the time period, the ingredients available, the […]

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Why You Should Build A Jockey Box

May 22, 2012


I’ve been talking about how to making a Jockey Box for a while.  I still haven’t made one because I’ve been looking for some good directions.  I think I found them.  All of this information can be found here, I just tried to condense it a bit better but the general directions and the pictures […]

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Answering The Question, “Which Is Better Dry Malt Extract Or Liquid Malt Extract?”

May 16, 2012


“What malt extract is better, dry or liquid?”  This is a pretty common question that homebrewers ask when deciding which one to use.  I unfortunately don’t have an answer in this post about which one is, “better” only because I don’t believe that there is one which is better.  At the end its preference.  I’ll break […]

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Hardness Of Water Map For USA

May 3, 2012


A few post ago we put up a post about how the hardness of water effects your brewing efforts.  Well I wanted to find a, “dummy” map to help you out what your water might be like if you live in the USA and you didn’t want to send your water out. I found this […]

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Super Easy Raspberry Melomel Recipe

May 2, 2012


To start with the, “Mead Project”, I thought a good recipe should be a Melomel.  It will be easy to start with this one because fresh fruit is available at the farmers market as well as at grocery stores. If you recall from our 101 on mead,  melomels are fruit meads.  So this is kinda like a […]

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5 Different Styles Of Mead

May 1, 2012


Mead has to be one of the more creative beverages that a brewer can make.  What’s cool about mead is at its core mead is pretty simple.  It consist of: Honey, water, and yeast.  What you can do with it is endless though. There are five different styles of mead, with in these styles there […]

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