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Beet Wine Recipe

February 5, 2013


Vegetable wine is always a weird one to make.  Usually when you say something like, “Ya, you are drinking beet wine” most people will raise an eyebrow.   The only reason why I started to make this one is because I grow beets in my garden.  I usually get so many that I don’t know what to do […]

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3rd Annual Barley Wine Festival Coming Up

February 4, 2013

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Barley Wines are a pretty cool beer to have.  Quickly they are turning into one of my favorite winter time beers to drink.  If you have not had one before, I highly suggest that you go and buy one while it is still the season to be drinking them. Also if you live the D.C […]

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The World Of ESB – An Easy Recipe

February 1, 2013


A great beer to have on tap is an ESB. So what is an ESB?  ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter.  It’s a British style beer and one that is very much like our Pale Ale.  A normal Bitter is about 3.8%, the extra special ones are  above 4.8%.  This particular one is 5.7%.  ESB […]

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