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What Are AAUs & How Do I Calculate Them?

June 21, 2012


Sometimes with beer recipes you’ll see next to the hops a number followed by AAU.  If you are new with the world of brewing it’s understandable that you might not have a clue what this means.  An example is below: 5 lbs Light DMe 6 AAUs Fuggle (60min) 10 AAUs Kent Goldings (15min) Safale 04 […]

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101 Alpha vs Beta Acids (Hops)

February 4, 2012


Sometimes I get asked, “What is the difference between alpha and beta acids for hops?”.  Well I can tell you, but I must warn you – beer nerd talk is about to get put into full throttle. When it comes to hops there are usually two types that come to mind: 1) Alpha Acids 2) Beta […]

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