How Often Do You Brew?

September 8, 2011

2011, General posting

I love to brew beer and I brew a lot. I try to brew about 2-3 times a week, I know I’m an outskirt to any statistic when it comes down it to it.  Before you have a knee jerk reaction, most of the brewing that I do is usually a 2.5 gallon batches.  The reason for doing it is because I like to brew sometimes more then I like to drink it. I find also that you can end up doing a batch that is 5 gallons and split it in half and have half of it as intended then make the other half a bit different.  An example could be with a, Pale Ale.  If I make a 5 gallon batch one might just be a regular Pale, the other will have maple syrup instead of corn sugar for the priming of it or another scenario might be that I dry hop it.  You can come up with a lot of ones to make one very drinkable and the other to be more grommet.  One of my favorites is doing a Porter then making half of a Porter into a Vanilla Porter by putting a vanilla bean in the secondary.  I love to make these 2.5 gallons batches to play around with a few different variations of a beer before I do a big one.  Going back to the original question though, how often do you brew?

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