1 Trick That Saves Time With Bottling That You Need To Know

Everyone has a trick that they know or learned from some one that just saves you time and or makes life easier.  They are the types of tricks that you can’t wait to show off when you have a friend in the room and the reaction is always the same, “wow that’s clever”.  This trick is on that level.  I wish I could take credit for it I really do but, I learned it from one of my customers a while back.  Ever since I learned this trick it has saved me time, sanitizer, and frustration when it comes to bottling.  This trick is one that you must share with friends.

So when it comes to bottling day if your like most home brewers or home wine makers you have a process that is a bit long and might take up half of the day.  Just know there is a short cut that you can do with no equipment really needed.


After you end up drinking your beer, wash it out with soap and water like you would normally do and let it air dry.  This is the part where the trick comes in, you take your bottle and some tinfoil torn off such as the picture below.

Take your tin foil that is torn off in a square and wrap it around the bottle.

Then stick it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Just let it bake, then take it out and leave the tin foil on the bottle until you plan on bottling.

What’s so great about this trick:

Why I love sharing this trick with home brewers or home wine makers is that it is simply brilliant.   When you end up baking the bottle and leaving the tin foil on the top you are burning out any dust or bacteria that might be in the bottle, so by all means it is sanitized.  By leaving the tin foil on top of the bottle you don’t have to worry about dust getting back into the bottle.  Why that is so great is that you can sanitize your bottles as you drink them or over a course of time, when it comes to bottling day all you have to worry about is bottling then because the tinfoil will have protected them from dust and everything else that can get back into the bottle.

There is a trick though, when you end up washing out the bottles you need to make sure that they are pretty dry on the inside.  The reason is that if you don’t steam will come out pretty hard and blow the tin foil off the top.

A lot of people ask if the bottles break with that amount of heat. It’s yet to happen to me, I’m sure anything is possible but I’ve never had an issue.

All in all it’s a pretty nice little trick.  One that I hope you can use and give a go.

Question: Do you guys have any tricks worth sharing that people should know about?


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9 Comments on “1 Trick That Saves Time With Bottling That You Need To Know”

  1. Ken Lovan Says:

    I sterilize my bottles with Star San, let them dry, and cap them with vodka-dipped oxygen caps, but I like the Bake Bottles at 350 degrees and cover them with the aluminum foil method. It would be easier and more economical. Thanks for the articles. Ken from Atlantic Beach, Florida.



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