Homebrewing Women, No Men Allowed…?

December 22, 2011

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So I was reading over a post on the internet about how up in Portland they had a women only beer tasting.  Read the full one here, otherwise here’s an excerpt:

On November 29th of 2011, a women-only beer tasting event was held at the Supreme Bean in Eugene, Oregon. This event was promoted on the Brewpublic blog as a “Beer Tasting and Discussion,” and featured special guests Alison Grayson (Producer/Director of the femme-centric ‘The Love of Beer’ documentary), Erin Kemplin (Stone Brewing rep), and Em Sauter (founder of Pints and Panels). According to the event listing, minors were welcome. Why not men? I have always most enjoyed inclusive beer events where women, men, and all those in between are enjoying beer together. To be told there is a public beer event that I am not allowed to attend based on my gender identity or physical structure was maddening. For a community that impressed me most by its inclusionary, laid-back, and overall friendly nature, this seemed like the antithesis of Portland beer culture. 

I thought it was kinda interesting especially because of this video about homebrewing women:


My opinion:

Let’s state the facts first: 1) I’m a guy 2) I’m a guy who doesn’t know what women think nor can I speak for women.

With that said, I can only go off of experience I know.  In a way I thought it was kinda cool that there are these “Women Only” tastings.

I’m a shooter, and I know that there are gun classes that are based only for women.  The reason being is that talking guns with guys, well, it can be intimating sometimes.  Sometimes, guys can come off as a jerk when talking about things they really know (or at least pretend knowing about).  For beer I would assume the same applies.

The author of this article left me with the impression that they do not approve, and that this will further segregate the brewing world with guys and girls.  I would beg the differ, I think that it’s a cool thing that people are conscious enough to have a place, time and date to allow women to express there love for beer with other women.

I would say, “I don’t know” to end it normally but I kinda feel strongly on this opinion oddly enough.

If women want to talk beer with guys and come out to meetings then have at it! But if women would prefer other women to go to bar crawls with and talk about beer with, then at least there is that option.  I am curious on what yours is if you have one.  Leave it in the comment section below!


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6 Comments on “Homebrewing Women, No Men Allowed…?”

  1. Josh Says:

    Around here in Fairfax, VA we have a beer fest every year. Every year that passes, hotter women come and grow and in number. The only thing I care about is that home brewing is not particular to men or women simply because it’s cooking and it’s a product that can be enjoyed by both sexes. I would tell these women, get off your high horse…you get to enjoy something as much as men do. In that we’re all equal.


  2. Michelle Hafle Says:

    Individual perceptions often lead or mislead in given situations. There are stereotypes in all aspects of life and they can be projected by either gender.
    My privilege is to be married to a man who shares everything with me including home brewing for our second year. My husband hates the segregation of the house into a “Man cave” and we have a common “brew cottage” where we share all of our home brewing tasks including recipe building, preparations, brewing, fermentation, and clean up. There are no divisions in our house or our relationship and our mutual respect and sharing with each other for 25 years has led to a very solid relationship.
    If women wish to home brew there should be an objective reception for them just as there has always been for men. Likely the “women tastings” would not be necessary if no attitudes were present. Rather than engaging in a territorial dispute of each genders rightful place; we should simply revel in another common enjoyment with our opposite sex. We can all lend differing perspectives and improve upon the home brewing process and the beer tasting indulgence together.



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