Easy Pineapple Wine

Pineapple wine is a pretty nice wine to have in the summer time when you are hanging out pool side.  While it may be hard to think that about the summer when we’re are in the midst of winter, the wine itself will have to age so doing it now will put you in perfect timing for that particular time of the year.

So below is a nice pineapple wine, easy to make – delicious to drink.

Pineapple Wine – 1 gallon Recipe


3.25 quarts of water

2 lbs sugar

2 16 oz cans of Pineapple

1 tsp acid blend

1 tsp yeast nutrient

1 Campden Tablet

1/2 tsp pectic enzyme

1 packet Champagne Yeast


  1. Put water and sugar in pot and bring to boil.
  2. Drain Pineapples from juice and rinse in cool water.
  3. Put fruit in nylon bag and place in primary fermenter
  4. Squish Pineapples with clean hands or potato masher
  5. Pour hot sugar-water over the crushed Pineapples
  6. Add acid, tanning and yeast nutrient
  7. (If you add campden tablet let it sit for 24 hours with top and air lock)
  8. Add pectic enzyme and yeast then add top and air lock
  9. Let ferment for 2 weeks then remove the nylon bag
  10. Rack into secondary fermentation (glass jug)
  11. Let it sit for 2 – 4 months
  12. Add campden tablet, and stabilizer (1/2 tsp per gallon) wait until air lock  has shown no more fermentation
  13. Add 6 ounces of sugar boiled in water
  14. Then bottle


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