DIY Fermentation Chamber

February 20, 2013

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I love the DIY type of homebrewing projects.  They really bring out the creative nature in me.  One of the ones that is nice to do is a fermentation chamber.  The reason why you may want a fermentation chamber is to help get the temperatures that you need to ferment at.  Most of the time, people think about doing them only for lagers, but the truth is that you can do them for ale’s as well to help make sure that you lock into your temps that you need for a good tasting ale.


I found an amazing set of instructions on how to build one for about $70 plus the cost of the mini fridge.  That is what I would like to call an amazing deal.  With mini fridges, wait until April or May and then check Craigslist.  Up here in NoVa, we have GMU near us and college students will normally give their mini fridges away because they are moving out of the dorms.  The same goes for if you are near a military base (again we have that up here in NoVA) – many military families will be moving in summer and who knows, they might be a homebrewer.


So click here to find out how to build a fermentation chamber and help your fermentation process move along.






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