Good Eats Video On Home Brewing

February 27, 2013

2013, Beginners Series, General posting

I’m personally a sucker for home brewing videos. This past week I was told by a customer about a home brewing video that I should watch.  If you are someone that watches the food network then you will recognize this character.  This is a really good video for those that are just getting into home brewing and want to see the process on how to make your own beer.

I watched it and found it entertaining after home brewing for close to 10 years.  So even if you aren’t a novice any more, maybe you’ll pick up some good lines on explaining the home brewing process to your friends.   Enjoy!



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6 Comments on “Good Eats Video On Home Brewing”

  1. Mile Says:

    A little loose on terminology amd process, but certainly entertaining.


  2. Rob Says:

    “never trust a well-decorated brewer supply shop”

    for some reason that made me laugh


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