Kegging quick tips

April 27, 2017

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We recently had a customer email and ask a question about getting his keg to seal properly. We get this question in-store all the time. Given the frequency, we thought it might be useful to put our response in a quick post.

Here are a couple quick tips for getting your keg lid to seal properly.
1. Kegs are finicky- sometimes the lids only fit/seal one way. Try re-positioning the lid while pulling up on the locking handle, all while adding 15+lbs PSI.
2. Cold seals don’t seal. Try warming up the seal before attempting to seal the keg.
3. Dry seals don’t seal. Before returning the lid, try wetting the seal with water or keg lube.
4. Find the leak. Sometimes just finding the leak will present a solution. Find the leak by applying a sanitizer solution to all the seal points while adding pressure.
5. Last but not least, awareness. The most common solution is the knowing that cornie kegs must be pressurized to be sealed. In most cases, the pressure created by the locking handle is not enough to completely seal the seal; especially if one of the other contributing factors are present.

Hope this has been helpful. If you have other tips that you like, we’d live to hear from you.

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