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Apricot Wine

August 14, 2012


Apricot wine is one of those wines that is really good for certain seasons, I enjoy it in the summer.  This wine has a yellow/orange color to it.  Apricot wine has tart flavor to it in my opinion but is pretty good as a spritzer. Yield 1 Gallon Ingredients 3 lbs Fresh Apricots 1.5 lbs […]

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9 Step Strawberry Wine

April 4, 2012


With the farmers market about to open fresh local fruit is going to be abundant.   One wine that is pretty easy to make and is pretty good is strawberry wine.  When I’ve made this one in the past I thought it was going to be sweet but it really isn’t.  It’s surprisingly dry.  This wine […]

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Easy Dandelion Wine

March 7, 2012


I wanted to put this recipe out before you start seeing them.  I love country wines and this is as country as they come.  In my opinion nothing says homemade wine quite like Dandelion Wine.  This is a recipe that I have used in the past and it works out pretty well.  Dandelion Wine.  When […]

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