9 Step Strawberry Wine

With the farmers market about to open fresh local fruit is going to be abundant.   One wine that is pretty easy to make and is pretty good is strawberry wine.  When I’ve made this one in the past I thought it was going to be sweet but it really isn’t.  It’s surprisingly dry.  This wine is pretty good and really not that hard to make.  A nice one to have on reserve.



Ingredients – Makes 1 Gallon

3 lbs Strawberries

2.5 lbs Sugar

1 Campden Tablet (optional)

Lalvin D47

1 tsp D47

1.5 Cup Orange Juice

1 tsp Citric Acid

0.5 tsp Tannin

0.5 tsp Pot Metasulphite


  1. Wash berries and put them in plastic bucket that is cleaned and sanitized (you will need a lid for it).
  2. Mash berries, add sugar to mash and mix together.
  3. Add 2 liters of water, and crushed campden tablet.
  4. Let it sit for 24 hours
  5. Pour you mixture into fermenting vessel and fill with water until you have 1 gallon.
  6. Strain out the solids.
  7. Add orange juice, wine yeast, yeast nutrient, citric acid, and tannin.
  8. Allow the fermentation to complete and rack as needed to clarify.
  9. When it has completed fermenting add Pot Metasulphite then bottle, cork and wait for at least 6 months before drinking.

Hope you enjoy!


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