Dependable And Easy Blackberry Wine

Anyone who might find themselves with an abundance of blackberries this year and doesn’t want to see them go to waste, this is the wine recipe that you need!  I live in an area where wild blackberries are pretty easy to find, and they grow like wild fire too! This is a classic blackberry wine recipe that I have used for the past few years.  Every time it seems to make some great blackberry wine.  It is really simple and I have no problem finding blackberries once they get into season, so every year I seem to end up with a lot of blackberry wine. Hope you enjoy!

Blackberry Wine

Yield 1 Gallon

3.5 black berries

1 teaspoon pectic enzyme

1 package wine yeast (RC212 works best)

1 teaspoon yeast nutrient

2.25 lbs corn sugar


  1. Wash berries and crush them in a 2 gallon fermenter
  2. Pour 2 quarts of boiling water over the mixture and let is cool
  3. Add pectic enzyme, yeast, and yeast nutrient
  4. Ferment for 3 days
  5. Rack over to 1 gallon fermenter
  6. Dissolve corn sugar in 2 cups of water and add to fermenter
  7. Fill fermenter with water to make 1 gallon total
  8. Let it ferment for 2 months
  9. Rack
  10. After 2 months let bottle it
  11. Wait until 6 months to open first bottle.


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