Jay’s Brewing Malt Spotlight – Rahr 6-row malt

January 5, 2018

2018, General posting, Malt Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is Rahr 6-row malt.
6-row is considered to be an older, more traditional type of barley. This malt is made from a blend of American 6-Row barley varieties. 6-Row malt has a unique flavor and, in many cases, is used as a base for specialty beers. An interesting note about 6-row is that it is the older brother of the more modern 2-row malt. The major difference between them is that 6-row features a higher enzyme content, which helps convert starches to fermentable sugars. 6-row is used in many different lagers today such as, American Light Lager(1A) American Lager(1B) and International Amber Lager(2B)

Malt Type: Domestic Base Malt
Lovibond: 2.1-2.5
Usage: 100%

This and 58 other malts are available year-round at
Jay’s Brewing in Manassas, VA.

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