Jay’s Brewing Malt Spotlight – Simpson’s Peated Malt

January 5, 2018

2018, General posting, Malt Spotlight

Rounding off our 3-part series on Smoked malts, we take a look at Simpson’s Peated Malt. As the name suggests, Simpson Malting Company uses peat moss during it’s smoking process to produce this malts distinct characteristics. The flavor and aroma produced when using this malt is not unlike that of a heavy peat, Scotch whisky. For this reason, it is recommended use is <5% of your total grain bill.  Those looking to experiment with a smoked malt should seek a recipe in one of the following categories: Wee Heavy(17C), Classic Style Smoked Beer(32A) and Specialty Smoked Beer(32B).

This and 58 other malts are available year-round at Jay’s Brewing in Manassas, VA.

Malt Type: Special Malt
Lovibond: 1.3-1.7
Usage: Up to 5%

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