Homebrew Explosion Video

March 15, 2012

2012, General posting

For what ever reason I find videos and pictures of homebrewing gone wrong to be hysterical.

I don’t know the percentage but, to make it seem dramatic we’ll say 99% of the time your home brew explodes is because what ever you are using (if it’s either a blow off tube or an air lock) gets clogged with hops and then no pressure can escape.  The pressure builds up and there you go.

Below is a short video clip of an imperial stout that exploded.  Unfortunately I had to edit a lot of it out due to profanity, which in my opinion made it even better but I didn’t want to offend anyone.

A little back ground though, the guy had a lid and a blow off tube.  Even with a blow off the fermentation blew the lid off the fermentation about 6ft away from the bucket and there are hops on the ceiling as well as over this whole kitchen… hilarious.

Enjoy your Thursday week is almost over!


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