10 Items For Homebrewing Emergency Kit

To me brewing is fun and relaxing but one thing that is not, is when you start brewing and all of a sudden you forget something that is pretty important to the brew.  When brewing beer things can happen and it’s good to have an, “emergency kit”.  What I mean by an emergency kit is, having supplies that are general and that fix a lot of problems.  These items are low-cost but will get you out of a bind.

The idea of an emergency kit is that you are already committed to making your beer and something is missing or is not working.  With an emergency kit a lot of problems can be fixed. The container I use to hold my emergency kit is a tackle box.  Makes it easy to have everything organized and also in one place.

I really do recommend building an emergency kit if you are a homebrewer.  The cost is low and with just about 10 items you will be able to have most of your worst case scenarios covered until you can find a better fix.

10 items that every home brewer should have in there emergency home brew kit:

Dry Yeast

Having a variety of dry yeast will help with stuck fermentations as well as dead yeast.  I like to have a few different types of dry yeast for different styles of beer.  Dry yeast is relatively inexpensive.   Also dry yeast will last more than a year.  

1) General Ale Yeast – I recommend Safale S-33 or Coopers ale yeast

2) English Ale Yeast – Safale 04 or Windsor

3) Belgian Ale Yeast – T 58

4) Wheat Yeast – Wb-06

5) Lager Yeast – Safale 23

For Bottling

When you get to bottling the last thing that you need to forget is caps and corn sugar.  Having an extra bag of 50 caps or an extra bag (3/4 of a cup) of corn sugar lying around will help you not break your bottling process.

6) Extra Caps

7) Corn Sugar

For Fermentation

So you got done with your wort and time to start fermentation, or not…. 

8) Air Lock

9) Extra #6,#6.5, #10 rubber stopper with hole

For Boiling

Hard to steep grains when you don’t have a muslin bag.  Having an extra muslin bag or two is cheap and will help with out a doubt. 

10) Extra Muslin Bag

All things to consider if you plan on coming up with an emergency kit for your homebrew.


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