How Much To Carbonate Your Kegged Homebrew

When it comes to kegging homebrew, the topic is a little up in the air.  Everyone has an opinion (like everything with homebrewing).

Sometimes it can feel as if the blind are leading the blind and the information well,  sucks.  At the end of your quest for knowledge you still have no idea what you are doing,  self-confidence in your brewing abilities is out the window, and you have wasted all the battery in your laptop.

(I’m too scared to brew…) 

Hopefully this will give you a hand and gives you a quick answer to your problem with not knowing how to force pressurize your homebrew.

I want to share this website that has a free calculator, to at least get you in the ball park when it comes to kegging your own beer. If you click here  it will help you get what you need to start kegging.

Now I must admit, I’m not completely sure how long you are supposed to keep this carbonation up when looking at the website.  I guess until the brew stops taking the carbonation levels.  For me it’s usually around 3-7 days (I still do DME/Corn sugar even when kegging but that’s a different post on why I do that).  Again that’s my experience it might be different for you.

For those that are bottling, they also have a calculator for you as well.

Biggest thing I can suggest when it comes to kegging your beer or priming your beer is, take notes.  You will always have beers that are particular and prefer different carbonation levels, or take different amounts of time to get carbonated to your desire.   It’s good to know what worked and what didn’t in the of doing repeats.

(Notebooks always make you look legit)

With all that said, I hope this helps a bit.  If anyone has any other websites that they go to for help with pressurizing their beer, please leave it in the space provided below.



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