You Know You’re A Homebrewer If….

March 28, 2012

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I wanted to put something up for this windy Wednesday that might bring a smile and found this.

So you’ve made a few batches of beer and they have turned out pretty good.  How do you really know if you are a homebrewer yet?  Well I found this which may help:

# votes You know you’re a homebrewer if…
21 . . . you don’t think that 10 gallons of beer is a lot.
10 . . . you’ve ever used a mop on a ceiling.
10 . . . you see the acronym R.D.W.H.A.H.B. and know what it means.
9 . . . it started out as a hobby then ended up as a habit.
8 . . . you have more varieties of beer on tap than your local bar does.
8 . . . you hate to wash the family dishes, but think nothing about standing over a sink for hours cleaning empty bottles.
8 . . . you buy beer according to ease of label removal or the type of bottle it comes in.
7 . . . you can name at least 10 different varieties of hops, but can’t name 10 congressmen.
7 . . . you refuse to pay $8.00 for a beer in a restaurant because you can make 5 gallons for that much.
7 . . . the only time you clean your kitchen is just before brewing a new batch.

The full list is here.  A few of my personal favorites from the full list are:

If you’ve tasted the finest commercial beer and said, “I can do better.”

If a smelly, moldy, disgusting college-dorm fridge is a gift from the gods.

If you have more kegs than your average fraternity.

If you name your new puppy “Fuggles” or “Growler”.
If you’re surfing the net at 3:40 am looking for homebrew websites or recipes.
Hope you enjoy!
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