Jay’s Brewing Malt Spotlight – Pilsner malt

August 14, 2017

2017, General posting, Malt Spotlight

Pilsner malt – Produced by multiple malting companies both US and abroad. Its made from a light, quality American or European 2-row barley, rich in enzymes and low in protein.  Not to be confused with pale ale malt that differs from pilsner in both color and flavor. Using Pilsner malt produces a clean and neutral tasting lager with a light color. Its low protein content makes it perfect for brewing your favorite lagers. Furthermore because of its high extract potential (1.036) its ideal as a base malt. Pilsner malt is appropriately used in German-style pilsners, traditional Czech, and a wide variety of crisp lagers and ales. Its also known to be used in interpretations of Kölsch style ales.

This and 58 other malts are available year round at Jay’s Brewing in Manassas VA.

Malt Type: Domestic
Moisture: 4.0% Max
Usage: 100% Max

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